Unique IT services for your business

Moorsweb offers the following services:

Broadband Internet

Getting reliable results from a remote rural broadband service requires a different approach to conventional telephone line broadband.  We specialise in a wireless broadband service based on community co-operation to deliver broadband way beyond the reach of telephone line systems into remote parts of the North York Moors.   It requires thorough planning, installation and management. Our team of IT experts undertake every aspect of this, all the way from planning a strategy, project management, installation, testing, training and implementation.


These photos are not of our data centre,  nor our staff,  but I have left them in place until I can take more appropriate photos.   


Computer Services

We can provide you with enhanced and extended internal wifi in your home or buisness.  Just email or call for a discussion on your requirements.


We no longer provide PC and laptop repair services.  Sorry.



The highly trained and experienced project managers at Moorsweb can help you acquire the technology that you need to reach your business objectives while staying within your budget.