Moorsweb Superfast Internet Service Levels

Moorsweb’s network was restructured and upgraded significantly during 2015 so that it is now fully capable of providing super-fast broadband (30Mbps) direct to your home or business. 


The architecture of the network and the improved equipment mean that the network is both more resilient and capable.


In order to ensure fair usage and that subscribers get the service they pay for, we apply monthly data download limits to our lower service levels.  Exceeding these limits either incurs an £8 charge per 50GB, or part thereof, in excess of your service level limit or obligates you to upgrade to the next service level.  You will see below that our monthly data limits are significantly better than those imposed by other service providers, e.g BT & Talk Talk.  Generally, if you do exceed your service level limit, we would strongly recommend upgrading because it gets you significantly higher data caps AND a higher speed service.

One word of caution, our service depends on having line-of-sight from one of our transmitters to a receiver, usually on the roof top, at your premises.  Occasionally, for reasons of topology or blocking by buildings or trees, we can’t get a signal to a property.  Sometimes it can be achieved with extra expense.  Every new connection is subject to survey but, invariably, if we can get you a signal, we can get you 30Mbps if you want it.  Please note that these services are nominal speeds and although we strive hard to deliver them they are not guaranteed.

If you become a subscriber to Moorsweb, you are automatically a member of Moors Web Link, the community association that oversees the Moorsweb network and operations.  You will be invited to the AGM of Moors Web Link which is usually in late spring.

Basic service level

Speed  5Mb/s.
Monthly data allowance 50GB.
Monthly subscription £19.80.

Enhanced service level

Speed 12Mb/s.
Monthly data allowance 150GB.
Monthly subscription £26.40.

Premium service level

Speed 30Mb/s.
Monthly data allowance  450GB
Monthly subscription £36.60.
All subscriptions, and any data usage excess charges, are payable by direct debit.  All charges include VAT at the standard rate.