GDaleWeb Superfast Broadband Internet


1 Background 

The 50 plus properties `up the dale` suffer from a combination of slow speed and regularly dropped connection.

There is now a Fibre optic supply to the village but we are still reliant on copper wire to transmit the signal to Glaisdale Dale end. The further you are away from the exchange the slower the broadband speed.

In the forseeable future this is unlikely to change and if these problems are not resolved, and as the importance of the worldwide web continues to increase, there will be a serious effect on property prices, running your personal affairs, leisure and the numerous businesses in the valley.


2 The System

  • We access Superfast Broadband at Glaisdale Hall Farm.
  • The broadband is Radio linked from Glaisdale Hall to a field with a commanding view at the top of Glaisdale Hall Farm and relayed on to Bank House Farm.
  • Radio linked from these locations to individual properties.


3 The Equipment

  • Broadband transmitters – Glaisdale Hall field, Bank House Farm.
  • Receiver for individual properties.


4 Operator  

GDaleWeb is a community broadband group set up to provide a broadband solution to local business and private homes in Glaisdale Dale where conventional telephone line broadband is inadequate.

  • We have sub-contracted the provision of the service to Moorsweb who provide a similar service to  community broadband groups covering Bransdale, Farndale, Rosedale, Gillamoor, Rudland, Harland, Beadlam & Skiplam Rigg,  Appleton, Salton and northern Danby Dale since 2006 and currently have 240 users.
  • Barry Sunley of Moorsweb has installed  the infrastructure andsome customer's equipment and will maintain all the equipment, provide support and run the system on a day to day basis.


5 Superfast Broadband Options 


We have 3 service levels         


Basic service level

Speed  5Mb/s.
Monthly data allowance 50GB.
Monthly subscription £23.


Enhanced service level

Speed 12Mb/s.
Monthly data allowance 150GB.
Monthly subscription £35.


Premium service level

Speed 30Mb/s.
Monthly data allowance 450GB
Monthly subscription £42.



6 Costs

The infrastructure cost of £3600 (inc VAT) has been underwritten to get the project off the ground.

Subscribers will be charged

An Installation fee of £200.00 (incl. VAT) per installation (to Include a receiver, router, all cabling and setting up) There may be an additional small charge if larger receiver dishes or extensive cabling is required.

A Monthly Subscription charge relating to the service level.

Costs based on projected demand.

Initially the charge will include a monthly infrastructure supplement which aims to pay back the initial outlay over a period of 2 years.

Once paid off the monthly charge will reduce.


  1. Local Organisation  

 We have set up a GDaleWeb Superfast Broadband committee to plan, organise and monitor the system with Moorsweb being employed as the contractor and administrator.  The committee is :-

  • Roger & Sue Barlow - 897608
  • Ian & Mandy Greenwood – 897292 – Secretary
  • Mark & Moya Hollingworth – 897353 – Treasurer
  • Andy & Delia Liddle – 897347 – Chairman
  • Chris & Emma Padmore  - 897347
  • Barry Sunley – 01571 430323

If you have any questions just give them a call.


8 Timescale 

Starting from early April we have connected  6 properties and they are working to the  planned Service Levels , including the Premium.


10 Testimonials

 “Living in one of the most remote areas of the North Yorkshire Moors and running an online business, I would not be able to survive without Moorsweb. The service is reliable and fairly fast, the rare times it has gone down, usually due to the weather, it is back up again very quickly. I Highly recommend Moorsweb to anyone living in a rural area.”

Jason Ferdinando -Creative Director, CMD



“ We are certainly making good use of the internet. It is fabulous and I would like to upgrade to the enhanced service level from 1st Jan 2016”

Karen Teasdale  St Albans Sports Centre, Ampleforth College.


“Very heartily recommended”                     Julie Watson  Bransdale


NB –   For further  GDaleWeb information, including setting up the direct debt and a summarized Terms & Conditions go to the GDaleWeb pages on