GDaleWeb    Superfast Broadband

Frequently Asked Questions


GDaleWeb is a community broadband group set up to provide a broadband solution to local business and private homes in Glaisdale Dale where conventional telephone line broadband is inadequate.


We have sub contracted the provision of the service to Moorsweb who provide a similar service to community broadband groups covering Bransdale, Farndale, Rosedale, Gillamoor, Rudland, Harland, Beadlam & Skiplam Rigg, Appleton, Salton and northern Danby Dale since 2006 and currently have about 240 users.


Q1. Who are GDaleWeb?

  1. GDaleWeb are a group of Glaisdale users overseen by a committee which will be elected at an AGM in the spring of each year.  All subscribing members will be invited to the AGM to volunteer for the committee and to vote at the AGM.

Currently the  committee comprises Roger and Sue Barlow, Chris and Emma Padmore, Ian and Mandy Greenwood, Mark and Moya Hollingworth, Richard and Linda Garbutt and Andy and Delia Liddle.


The GDaleWeb committee  meet regularly and delegate the day to day management, administration & technical support to Barry Sunley of Moorsweb.


Q2. Who are Moorsweb?

  1. Moorsweb is a  trading name of Barry Sunley's company.

They are a fully-certified IT consulting company. Their work has earned them several certifications and memberships over the years including IEE / IET, IMechE, IMC, NAPIT, and support from  NYCC / NYnet & RDC.
Barry is a founder member of Moorsweb and been central to setting up Moorsweb and we have been working with Barry for the last 7 months to get G-DaleWeb up and running,


Q3.  Why are you setting up the service

  1. Current line speeds are very slow and unlikely to change in the foreseeable future
    Although there is a fibre cabinet in the village there are no firm plans to extend it up the dale so speeds are restricted by the length of copper wire between the user and the fibre cabinet by Neil Fletcher’s garage in the village.  The longer the copper wire, the slower the speed.


Q4. What are you installing on each client's house?

  1. A small wireless broadband receiver on each property.  This is a cream plastic box approx 163 x 31 x 80 mm mounted on an aluminium J shaped wall bracket.  Some properties might have a dish either 300m diameter or maybe 400mm diameter (smaller than a sky dish).


Q5. How will it work?

  1. We are effectively by-passing the long copper wire from the BT cabinet in the village and relaying the signal from near the cabinet point to point using radio waves to the end user.


Q6. Is the technology proven and reliable?

  1. Yes.  This is commercial off-the-shelf technology used around the world. Moorsweb use it in Farndale, Bransdale, Rosedale, Danby dale and surrounding areas, with availability better than 98%.
    For more details go to


Q7. Will the performance of the system be affected by bad weather?

  1. Sleety freezing snow under some rare conditions occasionally freezes on some of our dishes, similar to the problems Sky occasionally have. However this rarely lasts more than an hour or two and then slides off.  Unlike Sky TV, this systems isn’t affected by rain unless it is very very heavy.


Q8. How fast a broadband connection do I need?

  1. A  guide from the “Which” website shown just below gives some idea how different broadband connection speeds affect download time.
  2. Typically a speed of around 5Mbs will be required for reliable streaming of standard definition video, video conferencing etc.
This is a guide from the "Which" website to give you an indication of what broadband speed you may need.



Q9. How fast am I today?

  1. Speeds vary around the dale from 1 to 3Mbs


Q10. What options are there currently for broadband via our phone line? What typical speed can I expect?

  1. As an example, the phone line internet connection at Postgate Farm has an actual speed varying from under 1Mbs up to around 3Mbps. The provider (XLN) can offer an upgrade a fibre service, (for an extra £10 month) which would get us up to a theoretical maximum of 7Mbps but actually would only be 3.5Mbps. This is probably the best speed available in the Dale via a phone line.

You can test you current connection speed.  We would suggest using but carefully avoid the adverts.

Q11. What other options are there likely to be in the future?

  1. It’s unlikely that we will get a significantly improved service via phone lines in the Dale in the foreseeable future. As mobile phone technology improves there is the option to connect to the Internet via mobile phones, but since we have poor mobile phone coverage this is not likely to be feasible in the near future.
    Broadband Delivery UK has commissioned Airwave to trial various wireless options at 3 sites West Witton, Wensleydale (trial operating), Egton  (Limber Hill we think) (mast erected in summer 2015 but problems with connections),   and Glaisdale ( planning permission given and lease agreed for a mast in Martin Burt’s field but no timescale available).  Latest update -
     we think Aiwave are beginning operations via Sky in spring 2016 

Q12. Will I still need my phone line and how much cheaper will it be if I take a phone only service?

  1. Although it is possible to make phone calls via the internet, most people will still wish to retain their phone (and the number).  Typically, changing from a phone and broadband package to phone only will save around £10 to £12 per month.


Q13. Will I be able to get Sky or other TV packages with the new service?

  1. You will be able to access internet based TV services (e.g. Sky on demand and others ) but will not be able to access all Sky services or all other TV packages.


Q14. Will I be able to use the new broadband service for phone calls?

  1. There are many systems that use internet capability for phone calls, many including video capability (for example Skype), however we would recommend for now that people retain their land line phones (and current phone numbers)


Q15. Are numbers capped at 20 users?

  1. The initial infrastructure is limited to 20 users although it has been designed such that it can be extended to meet demand in the future.


Q16. Will you expand beyond Glaisdale dale?

  1. The initial focus of the scheme is the Glaisdale "up dale" community.  We'll see how well this performs before considering further expansion


Q17. How many levels of service will there be?

  1. We offer 3 levels of service



Q18. How much will it cost?

  1. This will be in 3 parts.


Infrastructure cost - Is £3600 (inc VAT).
This has been underwritten  to get the project off the ground.
We are aiming to pay this back over a period of 2 years by the addition of a monthly infrastructure supplement to the monthly subscription. Alternatively subscribers can pay back a lump sum instead of a subscription if they prefer.

It is our intention that higher users should pay proportionately more of this cost.

Connection Cost  - a fixed price of £200.00 (incl. VAT) for a standard installation (to include a receiver, router, all cabling and setting up).
Moorsweb will quote separately for properties wanting a local network (eg for a holiday cottage complex)


Monthly subscription – this will depend on service level.
We have estimated the likely demand and the projected costs are based on 15 subscribers.



These will be fixed once we have a better view of numbers

Q19. Can I upgrade or downgrade the level of service

  1. Yes


Q20. For how long will I have to contract to the service?

  1. There is no fixed period. You can terminate whenever you wish.


Q21. Who will be able to receive the service?

  1. Most people from the school right up to the top of the dale should be able to receive a good signal.

Q22. How can I subscribe?

  1. A simple Direct Debit system has been set up on the GDaleWeb pages of Payments are made on 3rd of the month, one month in advance.

Q23. Who will my new contract be with?

  1. The GDaleWeb community group  have a 2 year renewable agreement with Moorsweb to provide the service.  The GDaleWeb committee will oversee the operation of the service, including the performance of Moorsweb, the running costs and how we spend any surplus collected.

    Your contract will be directly with Moorsweb.

Terms and conditions, go to the GDaleWeb pages on  for details.


Q24. What would the risks be if Moorsweb did not perform or ceased to exist?

  1. Now that  the equipment is in place, there are other operators who will be able to take over the system and offer similar support at similar costs.


Q25. How are the costs likely to change in the future, and will future subscribers be allowed to join?

  1. The committee will monitor the costs of running the service and the income from subscribers. It is intended that the service will be run for the benefit of the community, benefitting all, including additional users who may wish to join at a later date. However it is too early to say how the costs will vary in the future.


Q26. What happens if there is a surplus in the infrastructure “kitty”.

  1. This will be used for future upgrades to the service.


Q27. How will the availability of GDaleWeb affect house prices in the dale?

  1. Whether you subscribe or not your house will be more attractive to a potential buyer. Today Glaisdale is simply not an option for many potential buyers who need a superfast broadband connection.