GDaleWeb Direct Debit Payment Scheme

This page provides information on our Direct Debit (‘DD’) scheme and provides links to a secure website run for GDaleWeb & Moorsweb by Payment Solutions Ltd where you can securely set up a DD to pay your Moorsweb subscription.

The links below relate to the internet services described on the Service Level page.  Please click on the link that relates to the service level you have requested.

This is the link to the secure Smart Debit processing site for the standard 5mbps service and £23.00 monthly subscription. You will notice the https (not http) address of the secure site.   Setup GDaleWeb Direct Debit  for £23


If you've already had a discussion with Barry about one of Moorsweb's premium services, here are the links to set-up the relevant direct debits.

Enhanced 12mbps service - Setup GDaleWeb Direct Debit  for £35

Premium 30mbps service - Setup GDaleWeb Direct Debit  for £42

When you have completed the DD sign-up process, there is a return link to this page.

You should receive an automated confirmation email from Moorsweb/GDaleWeb/ Payment Solutions/ Smart Debit after a DD has been set-up on the secure site.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to set up a direct debit at this secure site, you can phone Barry Sunley to set up a DD over the phone, or if you wish, you can have a paper DD form to complete and post back. See the bottom of this page.



Direct Debit Payment Terms & Conditions

Payment by Direct Debit (DD) is a requirement of GDaleWeb membership because it aids us in keeping our operating overheads down and therefore the costs to subscribing members. Please see the terms and conditions page for more details.


Direct Debit Guarantee

All the normal UK Direct Debit safeguards and guarantees apply.


No changes in the amount, date, frequency to be debited are made without notifying you at least five (5) working days in advance of your account being debited. In the event of any error, you are entitled to an immediate refund from your Bank or Building society.


You have the right to cancel a Direct Debit Instruction at any time simply by email or a phone call to Moorsweb via the contact details on this website,  or by writing to your Bank or Building Society, ideally with a copy to Moorsweb.


Customer Service For Moorsweb's Direct Debit Scheme

Should you have any issues or queries with your Direct Debit, please  contact Barry Sunley (see the details on left of the page).


Direct Debit Scheme Downloadable Paper Mandate

This is not recommended as it is more time consuming and expensive for both yourself and GDaleWeb.  However if you wish to use this method,  please download the document, complete it and post it back to the address given on the contact details page.



DDI MANDATE Gdaleweb Blank v5 - word 199[...]
Microsoft Word document [53.5 KB]