Moorsweb is a community network that depends on the goodwill of people of the North Yorkshire Moors pulling together to help each other out.

Since the start of Moorsweb in 2006, the membership has risen to over 300 members and its success has been in part to the residents allowing the network to use their property or land, as repeaters or location for masts, which has helped spread the network to some very remote and difficult to get to places.  This has allowed their neighbours to enjoy the benefits of a connected world.  With us all relying on the internet more and more, you can easily become isolated when you don’t have access to any, or very poor, broadband service.

As a thank you for your continued support of Moorsweb, we would like to offer you a special host discount on your monthly subscription for the Premium service at a monthly price of £15.00.

To take advantage of this arrangement*, please complete your Direct Debit details by clicking on the button below.

*Prior to this stage you should have received a hosting agreement to read, sign and return, which explain the terms and conditions of the arrangement, to ensure both parties are clear on their obligations.  If you have not received this document, please contact the Signa team.