Q1. Who are Moorsweb?

Moorsweb is a trading name of Signa Technologies Ltd.  Signa Technologies took over as Operator of Moorsweb in December 2017.  Signa is a North Yorkshire based communications solutions company, with over 20 years’ industry experience, covering both fibre and wireless delivery solutions.  The team have been heavily involved with local communities and businesses across the Yorkshire region and beyond, helping them gain access to technology that had previously been unobtainable and uneconomical.


Q2. What do you install on each client’s house?

A small wireless broadband receiver on each property.  This is a cream plastic box approx 163 x 31 x 80 mm mounted on an aluminium J shaped wall bracket.  Some properties might have a dish either 300m diameter or maybe 400mm diameter (smaller than a sky dish).


Q3. How does it work?

We have a vast wireless network, which beams signals point to point, using radio waves to the end user.


Q4. Is the technology proven and reliable?

Yes.  This is commercial off-the-shelf technology used around the world.  Moorsweb use it in Farndale, Bransdale, Rosedale, Danby dale and surrounding areas, with availability better than 98%.


Q5. Will the performance of the system be affected by bad weather?

Sleety freezing snow under some rare conditions occasionally freezes on some of our dishes, similar to the problems Sky occasionally have.  However this rarely lasts more than an hour or two and then slides off.  Unlike Sky TV, this systems isn’t affected by rain unless it is very very heavy.


Q6. How fast a broadband connection do I need?

A  guide from the “Which” website shown just below gives some idea how different broadband connection speeds affect download time.

Typically a speed of around 5Mbs will be required for reliable streaming of standard definition video, video conferencing etc.

Which? What broadband do I need?

This is a guide from the “Which” website to give you an indication of what broadband speed you may need.


Q7. Will I still need my phone line and how much cheaper will it be if I take a phone only service?

Although it is possible to make phone calls via the internet, most people will still wish to retain their phone (and the number).  Typically, changing from a phone and broadband package to phone only will save around £10 to £12 per month.


Q8. Will I be able to get Sky or other TV packages with the new service?

You will be able to access internet based TV services (e.g. Sky on demand and others ) but will not be able to access all Sky services or all other TV packages.


Q9. Will I be able to use the new broadband service for phone calls?

There are many systems that use internet capability for phone calls, many including video capability (for example Skype), and now many mobile phone providers have WiFi calling available on certain models of phones.  You will need to check with your provider that your model is compatible.  Some providers such as O2, Vodafone etc have boost boxes which you can plug into your internet network and it will boost the phone signal.  These can cost from £50 to £150 depending on which type you need and where you buy them from.


Q10. How many levels of service will there be?

We offer 3 levels of service.  See our Broadband Package page for details.


Q11. Can I upgrade or downgrade the level of service

Yes.  Just give us a ring or email us and we can change your package at a click of a button.


Q12. For how long will I have to contract to the service?

There is no fixed period. You can terminate whenever you wish, we just ask customers to give us 30 days notice.


Q13. How will the availability of Moorsweb affect house prices in the Moors?

Whether you subscribe or not your house will be more attractive to a potential buyer. Today many areas are simply not an option for many potential buyers who need a superfast broadband connection.