Moorsweb Technical Support

Moorsweb provides a technical support and helpdesk service.  This has now been taken back in-house so as to provide a better level of support, as well as helping the Signa team get to know our customers better.

Details of our helpdesk service are below:

Contact details for Technical Support

The Moorsweb helpdesk may be contacted by telephone on 01423 900 433

Office Hours are: Monday to Friday daytime 9am to 5pm

There is also an Out Of Hours (OOH) service available 7 days a week.

If you call the helpdesk number and leave a message with your name, contact number and brief description of your problem, this will then be emailed to the on-call engineer.   They will check the system for any problems as well as your connection, then will contact you directly to rectify your problems and get you back online as soon as possible.

Most issues can be solved remotely by our engineers and usually involve either a restart of your router or an update of the router’s software.  If however we find there is a problem with the external equipment or the network, this may require a visit and will be scheduled in as soon a feasibly possible.

Alternatively if you have an internet connection, you can enquire by email to at anytime although responses will be during working hours.

Please note that although this internet support is included in your monthly subscription, it only applies to the Moorsweb network equipment and service.  Support for problems with your PC and your local wifi and your email are not included in the helpdesk service.

If there is a major power cut in the area and it causes parts of the network to go down, we will endeavour to let you know what is happening.  Please be aware that we may not be able to answer or return your call immediately due to the high volume of customers calling.  We will send out emails and Twitter updates so that customers who still have access to internet via 4G or from outside the area, can get updates.