Moorsweb Terms & Conditions

The document available for download at the bottom of this page is the latest version of Moorsweb’s Terms & Conditions.

Moorsweb reserves the right to update this document as necessary. Updates are usually reviewed in the Moors Web Link AGM and at committee meetings.

A selection of key sections is given on this page for member’s convenience.

Customer Service and Customer’s Rights

Moorsweb undertakes to supply, install and commission the internet service in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement and Terms & Conditions and in accordance at all times with the standards expected of a reasonable and prudent company supplying the same or similar services within the telecommunications industry providing a community internet network.

However it must be understood that this is a community internet network provided on a “best efforts” basis and NOT a purely commercial service such as that provided by Openreach, TalkTalk, BT, AOL,Virgin, Sky, EE, O2, Vodafone, Plusnet and many other Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Secondly it must be noted that this is a combined fibre and wireless internet network not a telephone line or satellite based service.  Moorsweb is a Wireless ISP (WISP).

One crucial point relating to the fact that Moorsweb is NOT a commercial service, is that:

Moorsweb cannot provide a guaranteed service level.

This is because there are too many aspects of our service which are out of our direct control.  As a community based service, we are reliant on members of our community to help us provide this service by hosting equipment on their properties, and permitting us access to their properties when needed for maintenance & repair.  The service is not-for-profit.  It is run at cost.  The costs include the helpdesk, the backhaul rentals & paying someone on a part time basis to run it and support it.

Therefore the service is provided on a best efforts basis and the monthly subscription is due whether we have a perfect service or downtime.

Moorsweb does recognise that network downtime can be a major cause of member dissatisfaction and Moorsweb has every incentive to fix things quickly and keep them fixed as every outage causes more support work.

Nevetheless, in the past year, our downtime has been less than 2%.
See the section on help desk and technical support for further information.

Provision of Service

A standard combined package including a standard connection with WiFi when installed at the same time is available for £200 including VAT, unless there are some unusual circumstances.

Examples of unusual circumstances include long distances from one of our Signa/Moorsweb transmitters, very difficult installations on some unique properties, particular requirements of some property holders such as visual or other aesthetic preferences, the need for chimney or other special mounting brackets, or extended internal WiFi.

The installation fee covers the installation of the service to the customer’s property and the router inside.  The external equipment (ie the access point/antenna, fixings, cable etc) is the property of Signa Moorsweb and becomes part of the network infrastructure.  The internal equipment ie the router, belongs to the customer and is covered by a 12-month product warranty.

Signa/Moorsweb will repair or replace any Signa/Moorsweb equipment needed to maintain or upgrade the network (ie the external equipment).  If the customer router fails and is outside of the warranty as explained in the paragraph above, then it is the customer’s responsibility to replace the router, and Signa are happy to supply a suitable replacement at cost.

The monthly subscription will cover the monthly provision of the service, access to the helpdesk service and any necessary support to keep the network running.


Moorsweb has no minimum term.  A connection fee is charged to cover set up costs and then Moorsweb focuses on providing a quality service such that members are not inclined to leave.

Where members do wish to terminate their internet service or leave for whatever reason, subscriptions may be cancelled with just one month’s notice.  Please just email or phone Signa Technology.  Contact details are given on the “contact us” page.

The Moors Web Link committee and Moorsweb reserve the right to terminate your internet service by providing 1 months notice of termination of service by either written letter or by email.  Proof of sending is sufficient.  Failure of your email service to provide your email by any means is your responsibility, not Moorsweb’s responsibility, and does not affect this termination period.

Payment for Internet Service

Payment by Direct Debit (DD) is a condition of Moorsweb membership because it aids us in keeping our operating overheads down and therefore the costs to subscribing members.  Any deviation from this requirement must be individually negotiated and agreed in writing.   Setting up a new DD will usually be done by the subscriber on-line (difficult without access to an existing internet connection but one is usually available somewhere at a friend’s or at work).  Alternatively if necessary, a DD may be set up with a traditional paper form.  In special circumstances, a manual payment service may be available at an additional fee of £10 per month +VAT.

The subscriber will be asked to complete a Direct Debit (DD) instruction BEFORE installation although NO DD payment will be requested until after the installation is completed.

Consequential Losses

Moorsweb, Moors Web Link, its committee members, ordinary members, operator, contactors, sub-contractors, and anyone else associated with providing the service will not be held liable for any consequential losses as a result of downtime of the service.

Moorsweb Terms & Conditions document – latest version for download