Moorsweb is overseen by Moors Web Link, a community association founded to provide rural broadband services in the North York Moors.

Moors Web Link has appointed Signa Technologies Ltd as the operator of the Moorsweb wireless network.  All subscribers to Moorsweb are automatically members of Moors Web Link.  Moors Web Link holds an AGM in the spring of each year.  Any member can volunteer for the Moors Web Link committee which is then elected at the AGM for the forthcoming year.

If you wish to become a committee member, please come along to the AGM or speak to one of the existing committee.  New volunteers are always welcome.

The Moors Web Link committee meets regularly to oversee the running of Moorsweb by the operator

Moors Web Link Committee Members

These are your local Moors Web Link committee elected at the last AGM:

Bernard Glass                 01751 417637 (chair)

John Sugden                    01751 417794 (treasurer)

John Castle                       01751 433256 (secretary)

Fred Collin                       01439 770518

Mark Hollingworth        01947 897353

Neil Harland                    01287 660321

Barry Sunley                    01751 430323