Signa Technologies, the Operators of Moorsweb, are pleased to announce that as a part of their private investment to extend their network and supply the remaining underserved areas of North Yorkshire, they are now offering superfast fixed wireless broadband installations to residents in Baysdale, Kildale and Lonsdale, deep in the heart of the North Yorkshire Moors.

Many of these communities struggle to receive mobile signal as well as broadband connections.

Martyn Boswell, Managing Director stated “We have come across many farmers in these areas who sometimes work alone, worrying about being able to get help if an accident occurs or having the inconvenience of having to go off-site to get a signal if they need assistance.”

The Moorsweb service, operated by Signa Technologies Ltd, can help with that as many mobile operators offer WiFi calling, so once a customer is connected to our broadband service, they often find they have a mobile service available on their phones.

Under the Moorsweb network, service is rolling out in these communities over the next couple of weeks, so if residents would like to get connected, they can register via our website at

Customers may also be eligible for a voucher under the Better Broadband Scheme in these areas as many properties are not able to receive more than 2Mbps from national suppliers.  Signa Technologies is an approved supplier of the voucher scheme which covers the cost of installation for the Moorsweb service.  More details can be found on our website.

Moorsweb Invests Further to Extend Their Network Reach in the North Yorkshire Moors
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